Gyre – Joanna Nicholson


Music for clarinet and electronics performed by Joanna Nicholson featuring music written by Kerry Hagan, William Sweeney, Matthew Whiteside, Jonathan Nangle and Joanna herself.

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Gyre is our first solo album with long time friend of The Night With… Joanna Nicholson performing music for clarinet and bass clarinet which she has performed over the years at The Night With…

“The selection and preparation of works for this album meant a time of reflection on recent years of solo performing, from 2014-18. It was illuminating to revisit repertoire following a periodof creative development working on other things, and consider possible new angles and musical choices.
I sought with this programme to create an arc’d listening journey, beginning quite far away, and the listener being drawn closer with each piece, until uncomfortably close in Requiem – then slipping gradually further away again, the feeling being that you have passed by the player, or the concert, and, even as you can no longer hear it, the music continues on. The picture in my mind is a distant boat approaching and moving past the gyre of gannets I describe in my piece.”
(Joanna Nicholson)


1 – 2: Joanna Nicholson: Gyre

3: Matthew Whiteside: Three Pieces for Bass Clarinet and Electronics: Piece Three

4: Kerry Hagan: requiem

5: Jonathan Nangle: our headlights blew softly into the black, illuminating very little

6: William Sweeney: Nine Days Piobaireachd


Album Credits

Clarinets: Joanna Nicholson

Recorded Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh in April 2021

Recording Engineers: Timothy Cooper & Matthew Whiteside

Mixed and Mastered: Timothy Cooper

Produced: Matthew Whiteside & Timothy Cooper

Design: Hlavi

With special thanks for Gareth Williams.

A TNW Music Production
TNW Music is the record label for The Night With… (SC048739)

Creative with the support of Creative Scotland and the Hope Scott Trust

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