Turn Ye To Me – Turning the Elements


Music for soprano and clarinet performed by Turning the Elements (Joanna Nicholson and Frances Cooper) featuring music written by Rebecca Rowe, Stuart Murray Mitchell, Beck Hansen and Joanna Nicholson with settings of Scottish poetry from Nan Shepherd, Jane McKie and Stuart Sanderson.

Released on the 20th January 2023. You can order the physical album below or stream it here https://ffm.to/turn-ye.OWE


We asked poets Jane McKie and Stewart Sanderson and composers Rebecca Rowe and Stuart Murray Mitchell to create new works for us inspired by the early 19th century song Turn Ye To Me. The resulting poems delve into the natural life of the Scottish seascape, and our human relationship with it. These two suites are complemented here on the album by a much more urban feeling song from alternative pop artist Beck (arranged by Joanna Nicholson), and a composition by Joanna using the text of Nan Shepherd’s poem Lux Perpetua, which we are very grateful to have permission to use – the themes of which draw the album together in a kind of resolution; the magnificent indifference of the natural world to human concerns, religion, even time itself.
releases January 20, 2023

Track list

Three Pieces for Soprano and Clarinet: Rebecca Rowe

  1. Beautiful Feathered Tyrant
  2. Duologue
  3. Past Sula Sgeir

Turn Ye to Me: Traditional

Horo: Stuart Murray-Mitchell

  1. I. Ceòl Na
  2. II. & III.Mahiri Dhu & Contrary Bird

Lux Perpetua: Joanna Nicholson

Do We, We Do: Beck Hansen (arr. Joanna Nicholson)                                                                    


Soprano: Frances Cooper
Clarinet: Joanna Nicholson
Recorded: The Pearce Institute, Glasgow
Recording Engineers: Timothy Cooper & Matthew Whiteside
Mixed and Mastered: Timothy Cooper
Produced by: Timothy Cooper & Matthew Whiteside
Executive Producer: Matthew Whiteside
Cover Images: Frances Cooper
Design: halvi.com

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